Letters from the people

The random words or numbers you see on buildings or street furniture fascinate me. They must have meant (or still mean) something to somebody at sometime. Maybe I should collect them and create a big book of them later in life, after all it was good enough for Lee Friedlander.

Letters from the People is a 480 page glossy hardcover big book by Friedlander displaying random graffiti, letters and numbers on walls, glass or buildings. As is his way though, they were photographed to tell a story or many stories at the same time. I enjoyed looking at this book during my research of his work for a recent essay and am obviously influenced.

Letter from the people (2016)
Letter from the people (2016)

Melbourne, Australia

Image: © Gary Light (8892, Oct 2016)
Creative Commons: (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Letters from the people

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