IronBark Track: Start In Disguise

The Iron Bark Track is a short 3.5km section of the Surf Coast Walk that runs for a total of 44km connecting some great surf beaches, cliffs and some typical Otway’s landscape too. The track includes the Point Addis Koorie Cultural Walk which provides interpretative signs along the way about aboriginal life and the flora & fauna of the area.

I started the walk at Point Addis and intended to do an out and back. The walk included some established groups of steps and also some more organic climbs like this one, that take you away from the coastline into The Great Otway National Park. The walk starts almost as if disguising the trail ahead with twists and turns, short climbs and dips.


IronBark Track 1: Start in Disguise
IronBark Track 1: Start in Disguise

Point Addis, Vic. Australia

Image: © Gary Light
Creative Commons: (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


IronBark Track: Start In Disguise

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