Ceduna Sunset

Ceduna, South Australia gave us a lucky break, after calling in at Streaky Bay to be told there was no room at the caravan park or at the next stop, Smokey Bay, we were advised to move on to Ceduna. We chose the Foreshore Caravan Park and managed to snag the final spot in this great little park for our overnight stop.

As I write this blog (which for this trip is not strictly in chronological order) I type Ceduna Pier into Google and I get a million results of images like my own; I start to compare. But then I stop and think this was the only one taken at this spot at this time, so it is unique.

It was interesting to compare the iPhone picture (with Snapseed editing) that I took and posted to Instagram at the time and this DSLR picture (with Lightroom editing) for which  I have had time to consider my edit choices. I wonder which one others would prefer.

Ceduna Sunset (2016)
Ceduna Sunset (2016)

© Gary Light
Creative Commons: (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Ceduna Sunset

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