How High?

A few days ago I mentioned I had a new substantial photography project to get my teeth into and that all would be revealed, today is reveal day: Mountains.

The locals at Wycheproof are proud of their ‘mountain’, it is listed as the smallest ‘registered’ mountain in the world, on what register I am yet to find.

First I looked up ‘what is a mountain’ and wished I hadn’t, so many different opinions about the minimum height, 1000ft, 2000ft, from sea level, from the base, from the surrounding land. But then how does Mount Wycheproof fit any of these models, it is only 43metres (141 ft) above the surrounding countryside and 148metres (486 ft) above sea level. So I ditched that method.

I have decided to go with the list of mountains according to Wikipedia and if I counted correctly there are 84 mountains listed just for Victoria, so this is going to keep me busy for quite a while, before I even move onto mountains in other states.

So Mount Wycheproof is the first Mountain of my project.  I have climbed others in the long past but don’t have a clear photographic record of them, so I will do them again. A couple more I did recently and just have to re-edit my images. I will display the views from the peak and the surrounding area, as I have done with Wycheproof over the last few days, and any interesting information I can find.

Mount Wycheproof, Victoria Australia: 148metres (486feet)

Mount Wycheproof (2015)
Mount Wycheproof (2015)

Click the image for a larger view.

How High?

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