Northbank, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Before I take a break from posting to travel for the next two weeks, here is one final image for now, from my walk around Melbourne Docklands and Southbank. Thanks for reading, looking at and engaging with my page, have yourselves a good time and I will be back soon armed with more interesting images for this page.

The north bank of the Yarra leading out of the docklands has been neglected for quite a time, while  Southbank has taken all the limelight, now it is fighting back with new eateries and lots of interesting sculptures on the riverfront, this one of those.

Beaming (2015)
Beaming (2015)

Click the image for a larger view or visit my website for a high resolution version

I though you might be interested to see a map of the images that I have shared over the last couple of weeks to show you how close they are to each other, the architecture in Melbourne continues to fascinate me and I will revisit this subject in some future posts.

Melbourne Docklands
Melbourne Docklands

Reproduced from my Flickr page © Flickr.


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