Distant Target

Carisbrook Creek, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

On one side of the Great Ocean Road is obviously ocean, on the other for a fair proportion of its length is the Great Otway National Park. Every now and then you are given access to the park via tantalising walks with promises of a waterfall, peak or picnic ground as your prize. This time a waterfall, Carisbrook Falls, a promised short walk.

The view on the way up the fairly steep walk was of dense temperate rainforest with sneaky glimpses of the creek that obviously feeds (or fed) the waterfall, Carisbrook Creek.  Could I get down to the water for a closer look?

The trees in the region are showing signs of severe stress, this is due to an overpopulation of koalas literally eating the lot, there is much contention about what to do with this situation, relocate or cull.

Here I set the scene with a 5 shot panorama stitched in Lightroom and processed further in Colour Efex Pro.

Distant Target
Distant Target

Click the image for a larger view or visit my website for a high resolution version

Distant Target

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