Monochrome Glass

QVB, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

This building is such a photographers paradise with its wonderful architecture. When I visited it last week, there were perhaps half a dozen wandering the halls of the top floor. As I was just about to set up for this shot one of them engaged me in conversation, she was obviously local.  She saw that I was setting up to take shots of this stained glass window and said, “you know this shot looks great as a black & white.”

It is interesting that a shot that is clearly perfect for colour also has a story to be told in monochrome, strip back the dazzle of colour and you get the pure image and the story shouting at you.  I love black and white it challenges you to think more about composition, contrast and story.

This image processed in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro.

Monochrome Glass
Monochrome Glass

Click the image for a larger view or visit my website for a high resolution version.

Monochrome Glass

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