A study of Rock & Bush

You Yangs Regional Park, Lara, Victoria, Australia.

We drove to the Turntable car park, which was pretty busy and walked to the trails entrance, we picked the East-West Walk just 4.5Km. This one takes you half way up Flinders Peak and then skirts all the way around it giving you a great 360 degree view of the surrounding area. The guide says: A challenging loop…some rock scrambling. It was not wrong, I really enjoyed this walk.

This is a typical view of the rocks and bush that encompasses the You Yangs.  The rocks are Granite formed from crystallised Magma, but not a typical volcano. Tall eucalypts such as Manna Gum, Yellow Gum and River Red Gum give way to sparse undergrowth of native shrubs and groundcovers. Patches of Wattle and Drooping She oaks also occur.

Processed using Lightroom and Analog Efex Pro 2

you yangs 2
A Study of Rock and Bush

Please click the image for a larger view or visit my website for a High Resolution version


A study of Rock & Bush

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