Memories of Harold

I thrive on not much photographic equipment at all, at the moment. Just a standard crop frame DSLR from Nikon and three lenses. Mostly not through choice but necessity through lack of funds.  So when the family asked what I would like for Christmas I jumped into my wish list. I found it hard to decide between two things, some new software, which was probably going to be Google’s Nik Collection or a travel tripod. I chose the latter.

As you can probably see from the side bar countdown, my wife and I are heading off soon for a great two weeks in Hawaii, so the decision was made to order the tripod from the US and have it shipped to our first port of call.  The family saved a few bucks going this route ordering from, rather than an imported item in Australia. I am hoping that everything falls into place and it arrives ready for when I get there.

There are many travel tripods to choose from, but this was my choice.

MeFoto Roadtrip Aluminium (Colour Titanium)

Mefoto Roadtrip
Mefoto Roadtrip

I chose this for a few reasons:

  • It is light, just 3.6lb (decided that the weight saving of 0.5lb for the carbon fibre was not a big enough incentive to pay twice the price (or perhaps I should say, persuade the family to pay).
  • It converts to a monopod using one of the legs and the centre column.
  • It folds down to just 15inches into its own bag.
  • Recessed centre column hook for adding weight for stability if needed, and the usual things like precision ball head, bubble level, 360 degree pan and individual leg angle positioning.

I’m pretty happy with my choice and can’t wait to get to grips with it on my first try out in Hawaii.

Thank you Family.

Image of the Day

Memories of Harold

Coming close to the end of my tour of Point Nepean on the Victorian coast of Australia (previous images can be found on my Facebook Page and my G+ Posts). But we can’t carry on without a mention of Harold Holt, 17th Prime Minister of Australia, holding the post for only 22 months.  

Why such a short term, well on the morning of Sunday 17 December 1967, Holt together with 3 friends and his 2 bodyguards, drove down from Melbourne to see the British yachtsman Alec Rose sail through Port Phillip Heads in his boat Lively Lady to complete a leg of his solo circumnavigation of the globe, which started and ended in England. Around noon, the party drove to one of Holt’s favourite swimming and snorkelling spots, Cheviot Beach on Point Nepean. Holt decided to go swimming, although the surf was heavy and Cheviot Beach was notorious for its strong currents and dangerous rip tides.

Ignoring his friends’ pleas not to go in, Holt began swimming, but soon disappeared from view. Fearing the worst, his friends raised the alert. Within a short time, the beach and the water off shore were being searched by a large contingent of police, Navy divers, Air Force helicopters, Army personnel and local volunteers. This quickly escalated into one of the largest search operations in Australian history,  but no trace of Holt could be found.

Cheviot beach is off limits to the public, and gates leading to it have warning signs of unexploded bombs, which in itself would be a deterrent.

Not much Lightroom adjustment here from SOOC (Straight out of Camera), small bit of clarity and vibrance and some sharpening to get this image on a glorious summer day.

35mm f/1.8, 1/125sec @ f/16, ISO125
35mm f/1.8, 1/125sec @ f/16, ISO125


Memorial for Harold Holt
Memorial for Harold Holt

Click Photos for a larger view


Memories of Harold

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